Our wrapping stretch type robots utilise advanced technology and precise control systems to wrap the stretch hood film around the load with speed and accuracy.

Our robot typically consists of a robotic arm or multiple arms custom built to your requirements, equipped with specialised gripping mechanisms to handle and manipulate the stretch hood film. The film is stretched and pulled over the load, conforming tightly to its shape and securing it in place.

Our wrapping stretch type robots offer significant advantages in terms of efficiency, consistency, and reliability compared to manual or semi-automatic methods. They can handle a wide range of load sizes and shapes, ensuring consistent and uniform application of the stretch hood film. Additionally, stretch hood robots can integrate seamlessly into packaging lines, improving productivity and reducing labor costs. Their precision and speed make them ideal for industries that require high-volume and high-quality packaging, such as logistics, food and beverage, and manufacturing.

Using high-quality stretch hood film made from durable and flexible materials that can accommodate various load sizes and shapes. Its elasticity allows for a snug fit around the load, ensuring optimal load containment and reducing the risk of damage during storage or transportation. The use of our high-quality stretch hood technology provides businesses with a reliable and efficient packaging solution that helps safeguard their products throughout the supply chain.

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  • Maximise efficiency, consistency, and reliability
  • Improve productivity and reducing labor costs
  • Accommodate various load sizes and shapes
  • Custom built to your requirements, contact a member of our team today on 01775 630 900

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