Robot palletisers and automated aggregate packing lines

Robots and automated packing lines for aggregates have to cope with extreme conditions. From varied bulk densities to dusty environments, your end-of-line packing machinery has to be resilient and reliable. Thankfully, we have considered the demands of these harsh working environments.

Our automatic sack presenter has a high flow fan pump fitted as standard.

Other, less experienced designers would opt for vacuum generators. However, we know that our solution is more effective. The pump can manage large dust particles through its channel pipework, and the filter does the rest.

Our weighers monitor fill time to weight ratios.

A 10kg and 25kg bag of aggregates could have different bulk densities. This can be an issue for some automated packing lines but not ours. The weighers and electronic displays in a PACE aggregate packing line are designed and manufactured in-house. Our custom-written software monitors fill time-to-weight ratios and uses that information in the top-up process to ensure consistently accurate weights.

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Motoman Robots: Speed and pinpoint accuracy

For palletizing, we use Motoman Robots, most commonly a high-speed 4-axis robot, as this will give us the speed and accuracy to pick and place the bag of varying sizes and densities.

Accurate to within 0.02 mm every time and at speeds of between 10 to20 bags per minute with a 24/7 run time.

A wide range of options

At PACE, we can provide everything you need to pack aggregates effectively: bag flattening, automatic pallet conveyors, tub filling and palletizing, bag placement into tubs, power stretch wrappers, and layer-style palletizers or hooders.

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