Robots and automated packing lines for aggregates have to cope with extreme conditions. From varied bulk densities to dusty environments, your end-of-line packing machinery has to be resilient and reliable. Thankfully, we have considered the demands of these harsh working environments.

PACE automated packing lines for warehouses have revolutionised the way goods are processed, packaged, and prepared for shipment. Our advanced systems integrate a combination of robotics, conveyor systems, and computerised controls to streamline the packing process with remarkable efficiency. As products move along the line, they are automatically sorted, grouped, and packaged according to predefined parameters.

Our robotic arms and machinery handle tasks such as picking, sorting, measuring, weighing, and sealing, reducing the need for manual labor and minimising the risk of errors. Automated packing lines not only expedite the packaging process but also ensure consistency and accuracy, resulting in improved order fulfilment, reduced packaging waste, and enhanced customer satisfaction. By optimising operations and increasing throughput, these systems contribute to maximising warehouse productivity and meeting the demands of modern e-commerce and distribution environments.

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