PACE palletising robots improve efficiency, reduces labor costs, and enhances the safety and ergonomics of your palletising operations, making it an integral part of modern supply chain and logistics operations.

Our palletising solutions integrate cutting-edge Yaskawa Motoman robots with custom-designed machinery to produce reliable, easy-to-use palletising systems. Suitable for heavy materials, our palletising machines maintain production efficiency.

Whether your business uses bags, bales, bundles, cases, trays (or more!), we can engineer a robotic palletising solution.

Depending on your budget and space constraints, we offer a selection of standard models as well as custom solutions. They can handle multiple SKUs and be adapted for various speeds and levels of automation to suit your needs and help your business succeed.

PACE robotic palletising solutions offers several advantages over manual palletising, including increased speed, improved accuracy, and reduced physical strain on workers. Robots can perform repetitive palletising tasks consistently and at a faster pace, leading to higher production rates and throughput. They can handle different types of products and pallet configurations with ease, providing flexibility in the palletising process.

Our robotic palletising systems can be integrated with other automation technologies, such as automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS) or warehouse management systems (WMS), to create a fully automated and synchronised material handling and storage workflow.

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Powerful: The palletises from PACE are among the fastest palletises on the market – while also offering utmost precision and repeatability. With their streamlined, lightweight design, palletising robots achieve greater dynamic performance, shorter cycle times and higher throughput of stacking of pallets, boxes or bags.

Versatile: Our palletises come with a wide range of different payload capacities, reaches and special variants, ensuring that you will always find the right solution, no matter how challenging the palletising task. All interfaces and energy supply systems are designed for versatility.

Compact: The compact and streamlined design of all palletising robots enables quick and easy integration into existing systems. Their low disruptive contours extend the effectively usable workspace and allow innovative cell concepts.

Minimal maintenance: All components of the palletises are equipped with low-wear drive trains. Thanks to their advanced and robust design, they have extremely long maintenance intervals – with an availability of 99.995 percent and maximum energy efficiency.

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