Pick and place automation plays a crucial role in optimising your manufacturing and packaging processes, enabling faster and more efficient handling of objects while maintaining consistent quality standards.

Using sophisticated Yaskawa Motoman delta robots, our bespoke pick and place solutions are designed to grasp, lift, position and place items precisely, whatever shape or size.

Our robotic pick and place capabilities are spread across a vast array of business sectors and are designed to work in line with our customers specific needs. With a variety of design options available, our robots can be configured using various end of arm tooling options for the use in different applications, such as multiple tool change, assembly, packing or bin picking.

Picking and placing parts or assemblies is often a simple, repetitive, and monotonous task in most industrial manufacturing processes. Especially when it comes to moving large, small, or hard-to-handle parts, automating this function on the factory line with high-speed pick and place robots can provide many benefits to manufacturers.

Pick and place automation offers several benefits, including increased productivity, improved accuracy, reduced labor costs, and enhanced worker safety. By automating repetitive and physically demanding tasks, it frees up human workers to focus on more complex or value-added activities. Additionally, pick and place automation can operate continuously, leading to higher throughput and faster production cycles.

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  • Customised to meet your specific production requirements
  • Increase output, aiding with the order picking and packaging processes in warehouse settings
  • Boosts productivity while alleviating the physical strain on human workers
  • Ideal for use in applications where space is limited

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With more than 20 years’ experience in robotics, design and produce bespoke robotic solution

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